Wednesday, October 16, 2013

If I Had to Eat My Chocolate Like a Shark

The scene is Bryan and I in bed for our nightly tradition of laughing at funny or strange things on the internet.

Bryan: Did you see the pictures going around of the seal who narrowly escapes getting eaten by a great white shark?

Photographer David Baz Jenkins

Me: Yeah. You know, that must totally suck to have your food right there on your lips and then have it escape.

Bryan: No kidding.

Me: Like, what if I was eating my favorite candy bar, and then - BAM! - it pulls some tricksy maneuver and bounces off my face? I'd be super sad.

Bryan: You'd have bigger problems than just being sad if chocolate could get up and run away from you.

Me: You should draw me a picture of my chocolate escaping.

Bryan: Done and done.

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